Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cupcake Affair

Hi, my name is Jessica and I have a passion, or maybe an obsession, for cupcakes.  Not really sure where this obsession came from but anything “cupcake” I am drawn to!

When I first started making cupcakes, I used a plain box mix and added fruit, extracts or spices to the mix.  I would make them for a few birthday parties or family gatherings.  I just did this for fun but loved experimenting with them and making different flavors!

I made some samples for my friend’s baby shower.  I had a few friends and family try them. It started conversation about me starting a business.  In my mind I was thinking, are my cupcakes that good to sell?  It really got me thinking!  After talking with my husband about it, we decided to start out of the home for family, friends and co-workers and see where it took us.

This is when I said ok, no more box mix!  All my cupcakes need to be made from scratch!  I have been working on the basic flavors, yellow, white and chocolate. 

Follow me on my cupcake journey!

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